Upcoming Guitar Shows 2024

Another year, and another load of Guitar Shows for 2024.
This year has started well, as I’ve already done a couple of shows. The Wirral Guitar show and The North East Guitar Show in Sunderland. I had done both of these shows working alongside Tonewood Amp and Connor Thomas, giving people a chance to try both a McClaren Guitar and a Tonewood Amp at the same time.

Theres still a chance to meet me at a show this year, as I have quite a lot coming up. But here are some of the Classical Guitar festivals for 2024.

Paganini Guitar Festival 23rd May – 27th May

The Paganini Guitar Festival in Parma is a prestigious event dedicated to celebrating the legacy of the renowned Italian violinist and composer, Niccolò Paganini, within the context of guitar music. Parma, Italy, is the birthplace of Paganini, adding a special significance to the festival held in his honor.

The festival typically features a diverse program of concerts, recitals, masterclasses, and competitions, all centered around the guitar. Renowned guitarists from around the world gather to perform and share their expertise with audiences and fellow musicians.

Concerts at the Paganini Guitar Festival often showcase a wide range of musical styles, including classical, flamenco, jazz, and contemporary music. Performers may present solo recitals, chamber music performances, or collaborate with orchestras, highlighting the versatility and expressive potential of the guitar.

Masterclasses and workshops are also an integral part of the festival, providing opportunities for aspiring guitarists to learn from established masters in the field. These sessions offer valuable insights into technique, interpretation, repertoire, and the art of performance.

Moreover, the festival typically includes competitions for young guitarists, offering them a platform to showcase their talent and gain recognition within the international guitar community. These competitions can be instrumental in nurturing emerging talent and fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Paganini Guitar Festival guitar show
Paganini Guitar festival McClaren Guitars

The Luthiers showcase runs between the 24th May and the 26th May, in which I will be showcasing a McClaren Concert Classical guitar. Giving people an opportunity to try out instruments and chat to the guitar makers. All events are held at The House of Music in Parma, Italy.

Royal Greenwich Guitar Festival 8th July to 10th July

This festival is becoming a regular for me to showcase at, it’s full of great people and always well organised. Also the food around Greenwich is amazing!

The festival takes place at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music. There is plenty of lessons and masterclasses to enjoy, as well as the luthiers exhibit. The line up has just been announced on their website so go check out who they have playing the evening and lunchtime concerts.

The luthiers Showcase recital takes place on Tuesday 9th July, giving the chance for the audience to hear the guitars being played by talented professionals.

Iserlohn Guitar Festival 28th July to 3rd August

The Iserlohn Guitar Festival is an annual event that celebrates the artistry and diversity of guitar music. It typically takes place in Iserlohn, Germany, and has gained recognition as one of the premier guitar festivals in Europe.

The festival features a rich program of concerts, masterclasses, workshops, and competitions, attracting both professional guitarists and enthusiasts from around the world. Renowned musicians often perform at the festival, showcasing a wide range of styles including classical, jazz, flamenco, and contemporary.

Moreover, the festival typically hosts competitions for emerging guitarists, offering them a platform to showcase their talent and gain recognition within the international guitar community.

Once again the Luthiers exhibition plays a big part in the week, allowing students to try guitars from renowned makers from around the world.

More guitar shows to be announced soon!

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