“The Performance Series Guitars are created for the musician wanting a great gig / on stage guitar. This is the Nylon crossover guitar which gives you the best live sound possible from a nylon string guitar”
“The P-8 has a Cedar top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, with a Spanish Cedar neck. The last thing you want when going on stage is always going to be problems with your sound. This guitar is fitted with the mixture of HEX pickups and the Tru-Mic from LR Baggs. Giving the truest sound of a nylon string guitar you will ever hear on stage. You can control Bass, Middle, Treble, as well as Mix between Piezo and microphone, saturation and a phase switch.The guitar is designed with a slightly narrower neck than a traditional classical (48mm nut width), and has a 20” camber on the fingerboard. The neck is reinforced with a carbon fibre rod, to help stabilise the guitar from any humidity effects or long term changes to the guitars set up. “

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I am the very proud owner of a McClaren guitar and I couldn't be happier with how it performs on stage. I have taken it on a number of tours around the UK and I am constantly getting people come up to me after the shows asking for more information about the guitar - the sound it produces in a live setting is absolutely brilliant and it's made soundchecking a breeze! Working with Sam was a pleasure too. Guitars are such a personal thing and getting a new one can be nerve-wracking when it's your living, but Sam is such a talented craftsman and pours so much passion into his work - he communicated with me throughout the process and really understood what I wanted. Couldn't recommend him and his beautiful instruments more highly.
Katherine Priddy
McClaren Guitars are undoubtably, the best! I've been using them for years. Owning a S-16 for Studio and a Performance series for Live shows. I truly don't think there is a better option than a McClaren Guitar. Proper guitars, for proper musicians!
Connor Thomas

My Goal is to make guitars that Artists swear by. Guitars that are astounding in quality, but will also never let you down


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