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The Guitar Show 2022 Exhibit

This was my first time at the Birmingham guitar show, and it didn’t disappoint. The show has been running a long time, but more recently moved to The New Bingley Hall in Birmingham

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Ebony Fingerboard Classical Guitar

Ebony Fingerboards Care/ Fretboard Care. Keep Them Shiny!

gerboards and fretboards have always been a popular choice in the world of guitars. They offer a sleek look, stable structure and a shiny surface that many guitar players are drawn to. However, they require special care in order to keep them looking their best. In this blog post, we will discuss briefly what a fretboard is and how to care for your ebony fingerboard/fretboard, keeping it nice and shiny!

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My Goal is to make guitars that Artists swear by. Guitars that are astounding in quality, but will also never let you down


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