Meet Sam

Sam was born in Oxford, but has now settled in the little village of Aislaby, in the North East of England.

Sams passion for guitars and woodwork developed at School.

Following college, Sam attended the Totnes School of Guitarmaking. He completed his first guitar in March 2011, which was rewarding at the end of a fantastic experience. Teaching him the skills to be a luthier.

Sam then worked alongside inspiring guitar makers such as Peter Barton and Christopher Dean, which heightened his knowledge and experience within the industry.

Sam returned to the Totnes School of Guitarmaking in 2012 to make a steel string and a classical guitar over a three-month period. This led him to apply to the guitar making course at Newark, in which he received a direct place in the final year. And won the top prize at the end of year show!

Sam has also run classes teaching ukulele making to young students, passing on his skills and knowledge.

In 2014, Sam was asked by Allan Neave to do a lecture on Guitar Making and Guitar Maintenance at his Big Guitar Weekend in Glasgow, in which I received great comments from Craig Ogden, Gary Ryan, Matthew McAllister and Allan Neave himself.

And in 2015, Sam was the only English maker to be asked to showcase at ‘le Mani Sapienti’ at Castello Sforzesco, Milan.

Sam designs all of his guitars, mainly focusing on the sound they produce rather than filling the guitar full of features that may reduce the tonal quality. By only building two guitars at a time, it allows Sam to concentrate on the voicing of each guitar to reach its full potential and match the high standards he sets for each guitar.

If you want to arrange a visit to the workshop, contact sam here

My Goal is to make guitars that Artists swear by. Guitars that are astounding in quality, but will also never let you down


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