Katherine Priddy – New album ‘The Pendulum Swing’

Katherine Priddy 'The Pendulum Swing'
Katherine Priddy 'The Pendulum Swing'

Following on from her debut album ‘The Eternal Rocks Beneath’ which was released in June 2021, Katherine Priddy has just released her much anticipated second album ‘The Pendulum Swing’. Available on Vinyl, CD and all streaming platforms

McClaren Guitars had the pleasure to welcome Katherine Priddy to the workshop back in 2020. Katherine played ‘Icarus’ from her album The Eternal Rocks Beneath, that had yet to be released. It’s fair to say we were pretty excited to hear the rest of the album!

Katherine Priddy – McClaren P-16

Nearly a year after her visit to the workshop, Katherine picked up her very own McClaren Guitar. Opting with the McClaren P-16. This guitar was going to be her workhorse, being with her throughout songwriting, recording and live performances.

The McClaren P-16 guitar comes with an Italian Spruce top, Indian Rosewood back and sides, along with a Mahogany neck. These guitars are reinforced with an adjustable truss rod as well as carbon fibre rods, meaning humidity changes make very little change to the set up and performance of the guitar. Therefore we knew it would hold up to trials it would stand on tour. The P-16 is also powered for the live stage using the LR Baggs Stage Pro Anthem, making it incredibly reliable and true during gigs.

The guitar may have not featured on Katherine’s first album ‘The Eternal Rocks Beneath’, but it has been with her for nearly every gig after that. Not long after receiving her guitar we managed to get to The Barbican in York to see Katherine support Richard Thompson. It was a delight to see Katherine and the guitar playing a huge theatre and so soon after getting it.

The New Album – The Pendulum Swing

From then on, Katherine Priddy and her McClaren guitar have been inseparable and I’ve been delighted to see their journey.

With the two months leading up to the release of the album, Katherine brought out ‘Anyway, Always’, ‘Does She Hold You Like I Did’ and ‘First House on the Left’. A 14 date tour was announced alongside the chance to pre-order the album. The guitar is heavily featured on her new album, and I think it sounds amazing throughout the album. But not only that, Katherine’s voice is mind blowing on every song.

The Pendulum Swing is produced by Simon Weaver and also features many great musicians including George Boomsma, John Smith, Harry Fausing Smith, Marcus Hamblett and Polly Virr.

I tried to write out some stand out songs in the album, but I ended writing them all down. So just go buy it for yourself and have a listen!

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