Augustine Classic

Augustine Classic sets most closely resemble the original nylon guitar string devised by Albert Augustine in 1947

Classic Red – (Medium)

Augustine Classic Red Classical Guitar Strings – Regular Trebles / Normal Tension Basses Set


Normal tension nylon trebles and medium tension basses comprise perhaps Augustine’s most comfortable set. Classic Reds forgiving softness and ample tone makes it the leading choice of many beginners.


Trebles: Normal tension nylon

Basses: Medium tension, nylon multifilament, silver plated copper


Classic Blue (High)

Medium classic nylon trebles and high tension basses unite the vintage sound of the old masters with modern appointments to ensure your guitar shines. Ease of play and full tone make it a signature set and the choice for many beginners.


Trebles: Normal tension nylon

Basses: High tension, nylon multifilament, silver plated copper

Augustine Regal Classical Guitar strings

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