Katherine Priddy and her new McClaren P-16

Katherine Priddy, George Boomsma

Katherine first visited the workshop to play in one of the McClaren Guitars Workshop Sessions, in which she got to try the McClaren P-16 models. With the plans that Katherine had in place in the future, it had led her to look for a new guitar.

With the release of Katherines debut album ‘The Eternal Rocks Beneath’ and a string of shows being announced, including supporting Richard Thompson and headline shows across the UK. Katherine Priddy popped by the workshop to pick up her new guitar!

Katherine had ordered the McClaren P-16 guitar. The guitar has an Alpine Spruce top, with a lovely set of Indian Rosewood back and sides. These woods matched together always provide a tone that I strive for in making my guitars, a sweet balanced tone.
The neck is made from Mahogany, and reinforced with an adjustable truss rod and two carbon fibre rods, to reduce any effects humidity will have upon it as it goes from concert to concert.
Designed around, and fitted with the LR Baggs Stage Pro Anthem, the live sound from this model of guitar is immense. The P-16 is made for the gigging musician, so it’s perfect for her upcoming tours.
The Performance series guitars are finished in a matte polyurethane finish, and as you can see from the pictures, is kept safe in a Hiscox Pro II case.

Straight after picking the guitar up from the workshop, Katherine played her new guitar at the ‘I saw Nick Drake’ gigs taking place across the North East. One of which was at the Georgian Theatre, down the road from the workshop. It was fair to say I was blown away at what a perfect couple they made, the two sounded great together. 

Two weeks later, I got the chance to see Katherine and her new guitar again, but this time opening for Richard Thompson at The Barbican Theatre in York, a much bigger venue than where I had previously seen Katherine. Despite being fairly nervous sat in the audience, the guitar sounded fantastic, and so did Katherine!


You can catch up with what Katherine Priddy is up to, via her website www.katherinepriddy.co.uk

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